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Vibrating EMS Foot Massager(charge operated)

Material: PU+Embossed SBR

আওয়াজ মুক্ত,টেকসই,সুলভ মূল্য।

হাটু,গোড়ালি,পেশী এর মেসাজিং যন্ত্র যা রক্ত সঞ্চালন সহজ করে।

আকারে ছোট,ওজনে কম,নরম এবং ভাজ করে ট্রাভেলে ব্যাবহারযোগ্য।

সকল বয়সের লোকের দিনের ক্লান্তি দূর করতে দুনিয়াব্যাপি জনপ্রিয় ফুট ম্যাসেজ।

youtube link for setup:

Powerful Innovative: High-tech foot massager offers different treatment modes and intensity for your soles and body.

 Use low frequency pulse technology (EMS) for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf muscle massage, to promote blood 

circulation and relax the feet.

Foldable Design: Different from the traditional heavy foot massager,

 our products are only a soft and comfortable foot pad. It is lightweight, foldable, easy to carry anywhere.

Widely Applicable: Regular foot massages help you to combat your daily discomfort, especially suitable for travelers,

 middle-aged and elderly people, office crowds, women who often wear high heels, etc, relax your feet on a

 busy day and eliminate accumulated fatigue.

Quiet Operation & Easy To Clean: It is made of PU and embossed SBR material, can be dried with a wet towel after use.

 Quiet and no noise, can be used when watching TV, reading, working in the office or relaxing.

 Suitable for all foot types and different foot sizes.